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Experience – Does it really matter?

I had the thought of writing a blog post regarding this matter several times in the past, and this time, I thought of finally putting it down here.  In our industry (Software Development), one of the key concerns (if not ‘the concern’) in recruitment and career progression is the experience that an individual has in working in the industry. In most of the companies, this is the first thing that comes in the screening process, and also, most of the vacancy advertisements start with this.

It is a well known fact that if a person has done something before, it is usually easier to do it again, and from the past experience, it is also (usually) possible to do a better job on the second time. It is this well known fact that has been established as the roots in the software industry, which has been mandated as a key criterion for recruitment and selection for promotions. While there is no argument about the above well known fact, the way this so called experienced is measured is questionable.
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