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Eclipse 3.4 SR 1 – RC 2 New Update Manager / Eclipse 3.5 Galileo

I was using Eclipse 3.4 Milestone 5 until now for development, along with MyEclipse. Most of recent work (including my degree research project) was done in MyEclipse, and I forgot to upgrade to Eclipse 3.4 GA release. Recently, I started working on Eclipse 3.4, and today I saw that this was a milestone release, not the GA release. So I thought of upgrading to GA release, and found out that SR1 RC2 is available.

So I downloaded the JEE bundle of 3.4 SR1 – RC2 and started to update it with the plugins that I generally use. When I was thinking of the hassle of downloading all plugins whenever I upgrade Eclipse, I found this article which teaches how to eliminate exactly that. So I thought of giving it a try with this new version of Eclipse. To my surprise, I found that the update manager feature of SR1 is totally different. I couldn’t figure out where I can change the plugin locations in this new update manager. So I had to fallback to the same old way of updating each installation separately. Also, I found out that does not allow to enter your own names to remote sites. Instead, it automatically reads the name from the update site. On one hand, this is a cool feature that you don’t have to type in everything, but sometimes, you want to have your own names. I think it would be nice if we are allowed to change the name given to the update site entry in update manager.

Apart from the 3.4 SR1 release, I thought of digging a little to find out  what’s happening with next major release of Eclipse, 3.5.  To my surprise, I found that it is named as “Galileo”. I was expecting to see “Io” as the name of next release!. I don’t know why people thought of naming it Galileo, even before all four names of Galileon Moons were used for project names. Anyway, it is good to pay tribute to the person who discovered the moons (thus giving us some cool names to name Eclipse versions). Currently, the GA release is scheduled for June 2009, and Milestone 2 is available. Hope to give a try on Galileo soon.