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Colombo International Book Fair 2008

I usually visit the Colombo International Book Fair (the ‘BMICH Book Fair’ as most people call it) every year starting from couple of years back, hoping to buy some good books for the reference of the succeeding year. I visited the book fair for today and I have to say that I am quite disappointed with this years one. Out of the three books which I was looking for, I managed only to get one. I couldn’t find the two other books (except for a single silverfish-eaten copy which they offered to me at the discount rate of 33%, even after the discount which was not in a satiable price). I have a feeling like this time, the amount of books in the fair was not as much as the previous ones (at least when considering my field : IT).

I bought a copy of Head First Servlets and JSP 2nd Edition, for the reference of SCWCD exam, which I hope to take sometime in the close future. Apart from this book, I was looking for Rod Johnson’s J2EE Design and Development and J2EE Development without EJB (two very popular titles), which I was not able to find within the fair. This time, there was a small entrance fee (unlike previous ones), but it was said that the amount collected would be used for the improvement of education of children (A Scholarship Trust Fund), so I have no argument against it. Overall, in my humble opinion, the exhibition was ‘alright’, but I wouldn’t call it a massive success, compared with previous ones.