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JBoss JMX Console Vulnerability – Standard Security Is Not Enough !

On 20th October 2011 JBoss released a Security Alert, informing about the existence of a worm which makes use of a security loophole in JBoss JMX Console to attack servers out there in the web. According to this notice, users running unsecured JMX consoles were vulnerable to this attack.

I’ve been running several JBoss Application Server instances exposed to the web, but I always ensure that JMX Console and other management features of JBoss are secured before exposing it to the web. I usually use the standard Username/Password login module for authentication for these JBoss services (I know it’s not very secure, but that was sufficient). Initially when I was setting this up, I referred to this article from JBoss : [Note: Now it is updated to include the additional steps to protect against this threat].

According to the security alert, password protected JMX consoles were safe from this threat. Since it was password protected, I thought I was secure against this threat. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I had to learn it the hard way.
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