Presentation – Java Web Start : How Zhara POS Works

This is a presentation that I did recently for my team, on Zhara POS (which is the Point of Sale module of Zhara Hospitality Suite, the product that I’m working on at JKCS). We developed the application using Swing, and deployed it over the web via Java Web Start.

The presentation discusses the rationale for using Java Web Start, and how we applied it to meet with the requirements.

The audience of the presentation was the entire Zhara Team, which consists of designers, developers, QA, business analysts working on many modules.

This presentation was part of the Zhara Tech Talks Series (session 03), which is held bi-weekly, where the team meets up and discuss about various topics of interest, both technical and non-technical.


  1. Hi Yohan,

    Came across your nice blog while reading Dzone.
    Did you consider GWT for this application? If you did, can you explain why you chose not to implement it?


    1. Hi Vimukthi,

      Sorry about the delay in responding to your comment.

      Yes, we did consider GWT for this. We considered SmartGWT for this at that time, but we decided to go with the Swing + Java Web Start stack due to following reasons.

      • GWT is still Web-based, so the responsiveness of the UI will not be as better as a native Desktop Application
      • GWT has offline capabilities, but the flexibility is much less compared to a native client.

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