Vim Quick Reference Sheet

The well known Vi editor, and it’s evolved counter-part Vim editor are well known among the Linux community. Most of us use these editors when dealing with server configurations, etc., in our day-to-day work. But most of the users (including myself) use only a very small subset of the capabilities of this simple, yet extremely powerful editor. Even the most sophisticated IDEs out there today still do not feature many of the facilities that has been there with Vi and Vim editors for a long time.

However, to get the productivity out of Vim, it’s essential to know what it’s capable of, and use those when possible. You have to memorize the key combinations to get things done, and a one page quick reference sheet would be the ideal solution. So I created the attached quick reference sheet based on an article found at TuxRadar. Initially I made this for my personal use (it’s pasted on a wall of my cubicle), but thought of sharing this. So here it is, the Vim Quick Reference.

Note that this contains only a very small portion of what Vim is capable of. But I have found this quite handy when dealing with most of the needs.

Download Vim Quick Reference Sheet 1.1 [PDF]


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